Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster recovery is way more than just recovering data. It is about keeping your business running!

Losing data, espiecially when there are legal requirements to retain, can be very costly and in many cases causes bankrupcy. Being proactive about your disaster recovery plan can not only save lots of money, but it could be the difference of being in business tomorrow or not.

Many stray from backup solutions because they don't understand them or they perform backups without proper testing, security and handling of the data which can leave you in ruins when disaster strikes.

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Backup VS. Business Continuity
The world of backups can be very confusing.

  • What is the best backup method?
  • What should I backup?
  • How should I backup?
These are all great questions, but what about the questions:

  • How do I restore the backup when I need it?
  • How quickly can I be up and running?
This is the difference between a backup solution and a business continuity solution. A business continuity solution will allow for you to minimize downtime in the event of a failure to be back up in minutes rather than hours, or days.
What are the different types of backups?
There are many different types of backups. Here are a few of the different types.

  • Image Based
  • File Based
  • Agentless
  • Agent Based
Normally an image based solution that uses an agent is the fastest and most reliable. On top of this, looking for a hybrid solution (local & cloud) provides optimum protection/speed balance for your data.
What should I be looking for?
There are so many different types of backups it can be difficult even for an IT professional to know exactly what to look for. Below is a list of items to check for that will help you find the right solution.

  • Image Based
  • Hybrid (local & cloud)
  • Automatically tested for validity
  • Easily upgradable
What is this "Instant Virtualization" I have seen?
Instant virtualization is the ability to boot up your backed up machine even if the original hardware has been destroyed. At the click of a button you can boot up the backed up system and continue working as normal within seconds without having to wait for the original hardware to be repaired and the backup to be restored to it.

This is one of the key differences between regular backups and a true business continuity solution.

What does Nubirdz offer?

The SIRIS 3 is the cream of the crop in business continuity. The SIRIS 3 offers all of the following.
  • Image Based Backups
  • Local Instant Virtualization
  • Cloud Instant Virtualization
  • Storage based, time based or infinite cloud retention
  • Agent Based or Agentless
  • Hybrid Virtualization
  • Inverse Chain Technology
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • And much more!
SIRIS Datasheet
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Business Size Medium - Enterprise Medium - Enterprise Any Small - Medium Small Any Any
Instant On-Site Virtualization        
Instant Off-Site Virtualization  
Hybrid Virtualization   ?
Local and Off Site File Level Restore ?
VMDK/VHD Export    
All Backups Fully Constructed ?
5-10 Minute Backup Frequency   ?
Ransomware Detection        
RoundTrip Device Seeding  
Advanced Screenshot Verification with Scripts    
Bare Metal Restore    
Granular Exchange and SharePoint Recovery    
End-to-End Encryption      
Unlimited Cloud Storage Capabilities  
Backup InsightsTM        
Datto Drive local      
Unlimited Agent Licensing      
Agentless and Agent-based        
24/7/365 Direct-to-Tech Support
Run as Guest on paid VMware vSphere          
Run as Guest on VMware vSphere Free          
Run as Guest on Microsoft Hyper-V          
Run as Guest on Citrix XenServer            
Linux Backup Suport w/Agent    
Mac (OSX) Backup Support w/ Agent    
CIFS & NFS Shares w/Restore (+Cloud Protected)
iSCSI Logical Unit w/Restore (+Cloud Protected)
Storage Efficiencies (Compression)  
SSD Acceleration          
Drive Failure Protection        
Datto Device Portal Fleet Management  
Diskless Restore (via iSCSI target)